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Man Medevaced From Disney Dream (West Palm Beach, FL) -- The crew of a Port Canaveral cruise ship is credited with possibly saving a man's life. A passenger on the Disney Dream was medevaced off the ship yesterday 80 miles off West Palm Beach. A Coast Guard helicopter took him to a West Palm Beach hospital. The Coast Guard praised the professionalism of the Disney crew and tells the "Orlando Sentinel" every second counted.

Man Wanted For Putting Child In Oven Turns Himself In (DeLand, FL) -- A man a sheriff calls a human piece of garbage is now in jail. DeLand's Terry May turned himself in last night in Volusia County on child abuse charges. He's accused of putting a three-year-old girl in a heated oven and beating her with a belt. Sheriff Mike Chitwood says the girl has burn marks on her ear and feet and a scar on her back.

More UCF Groping Cases Reported (Orlando, FL) -- A man wanted for groping women at UCF is now suspected in more incidents. Campus police yesterday said there are now five cases of groping they're investigating, including two this week. Four of the incidents apparently happened in a parking garage, while the other was in the Business Administration 2 building. Police also released a sketch of the suspect yesterday, and they say he's 5-foot-7, college-aged, has dark hair, glasses and an accent.

Hallandale Beach Mayor Facing Corruption Charges (Hallandale Beach, FL) -- The mayor of Hallandale Beach is responsible for bringing what a commissioner calls a dark cloud over the city. Mayor Joy Cooper is facing corruption charges and she turned herself in yesterday morning. Prosecutors say an undercover FBI sting in 2012 caught Cooper soliciting illegal campaign contributions from a man posing as a developer. Cooper's lawyer denies the charge and says the state's case is based on the word of a convicted felon.

FL Congress Members React To Trump's Immigration Proposal (Washington, DC) -- President Trump is proposing what one congressman calls a good start when it comes to helping DREAMers. Republican Carlos Curbelo was responding yesterday to Trump's proposal for a pathway to citizenship for those brought here illegally as children. Others were not as happy with the plan as Curbelo, though. Democrat Frederica Wilson accused Trump of using DREAMers as bargaining chips.  LET’S LOOK AT THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION, DARLIN…THEY ARE.

Florida Legislators Approve Plan To Keep Daylight Saving Time All Year (Tallahassee, FL) -- Committees in the State House and Senate are giving a thumbs up to a plan to keep Daylight Saving Time all year long in Florida. Supporters say the move would be good for tourism in the state. The proposal would also make the western panhandle part of the eastern time zone. But for it to actually become law, the governor, Congress and the U.S. Department of Transportation would also have to approve. WE’LL TALK TO STATE REP. RANDY FINE IN TODAY’S 7am HOUR.

Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct Charges Filed Against Statehouse Employee (Des Moines, IA) -- An Iowa Statehouse employee is accused of a drunken disturbance while at the State Capitol. Authorities in Des Moines say it unfolded this past Wednesday morning when someone smelled alcohol on Jessica Leeper and she got violent when troopers responded. They say she started kicking and screaming and didn't really stop while she was escorted out of the place. The 21-year-old works as a clerk in the House but ended up in the county jail before all was said and done. She is facing public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges. WELL, HERE IN FL THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS RESERVED FOR LEGISLATORS AND PALNB BAY COUNCILMEN!

Man Saved By Cell Phone (St. Albans, WV) -- A West Virginia man has his phone to thank for saving his life. According to WSAZ- TV and others, Anthony Kaufman says he was shot while selling a gaming computer this past Wednesday night in St. Albans when the suspect fired a couple of shots. One of the bullets went through the computer but didn't penetrate his body because his iPhone in his pocket stopped it. Officers say the suspect took off but the two know each other. The bullet actually got stuck in the phone and WSAZ has a couple of pictures of the damage. A DEAR FRIEND AND FORMER DRUG UNIT PARTNER, JOEY CRAWFORD, IS THE CHIEF OF POLICE IN ST. ALBANS.


1998, President Clinton, denied having an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky famously saying, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

1965, the military ousted the government and seized power in South Vietnam.

1875, the electric dental drill was patented by George Green of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

1863, 25 days after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, the U.S. War Department authorized the enlistment of Black troops. The authorization gave rise to the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer infantry which became the first all-Black Union regiment raised in the north.

1837, Michigan became the 26th state of the Union.

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