Decisions, Decisions! Let Cops Decide!


We begin our Thursday with a poll I am supremely qualified to decide, well, along with the rest of the law enforcement brotherhood.  Krispy Kreme wants consumer help in deciding its new donut flavor!  You Bitcoin millionaires, how ya doin’ today?  Is it time to get out or to buy more?  The cryptocurrency lost over half of its value in one day.  Then again, it’s valued in American dollars, so what’s it really worth?

Ever notice how we Floridians just walk out in front of cars in a busy parking lot?  It’s like we think everyone knows and follows the law here on the sovereign right of pedestrians to just step out in traffic and expect it to stop.  It’s not the case everywhere and a New Jersey case has me wondering if the pedestrian doesn’t bear some responsibility for his own actions.

In the Eau Gallie Art District the right decision was made by a city board.  The deconstructive pop art stays!  The whining store owner is now blaming the city for her actions.  I suppose the online threats have a bit to do with that. 

In Tallahassee we have good ideas and bad ideas. Andy while State Representative Randy Fine will join us tomorrow for a legislative update, we will delve into a couple of issues involving schools, school board term limits and the continuing push to get and keep Visit Florida in line on this morning's show.


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