WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Factless? Just Shut Up!


We’ve talked for many weeks about the nature of the dialogue in American (and Brevard) politics.  It’s time for the nonsense to stop!  Hey, if you have a legitimate gripe, air it.  But, to trash folks simply for disagreeing with you is out of line.  Nowhere is this more evident than claims that the president is mentally unstable.  And now we have proof otherwise.  So, for those of you who like spewing the hate, shut up! 

In Brevard it’s about art and jobs.  No, one does not lead to the other, but a business wants to claim a mural across from it is a problem.  You, too, shut up.  You located in an art district, for better or worse, hoping to take advantage of the folks who would be drawn there.  You didn’t worry about what was actually to be drawn there at the time, so live with it.  It’s not obscene or otherwise in violation of standards, it’s…art and it’s in the eye of the beholders.  I, for one, like it!  On the business front Brevard is making a name for itself in the type of community we have become jobs and technology wise.

In Tallahassee the legislature wants a good look at how state money was spent on Emeril’s TV shows and what Emeril was paid.  The producer is fighting the legislative subpoena.  Jack Latvala’s sexcapades have been detailed by one participant, turned victim (in her mind, anyway).  And FINALLY someone else is seeing the problem with keeping Senators Flores and Braynon in leadership roles in the Senate. 

Around the country there is a lot of whining over an illegal immigrant being deported to Mexico after 30 years in the US.  He was brought here, but could have chosen to leave and come back legally at any time…so go do it right!  And the economy is on an upswing.  Who gets credit?  It’s not Barack Obama.

And, on BML it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.  These topics and whatever may be on your mind is up for grabs on today’s show.  Here are the links to the stories getting my attention today:


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