Pot or Pistols? Choose Only One!


While my WV Mountaineers have dropped two heartbreakers in their last couple of games, they have also highlighted a problem with college sports fans.  Keith Jackson, the voice of college football for most of us has passed away and with him, one of the best in the business. 

GM says they will have a self driving car ready by next year.  Do you trust the technology?  It’s our web poll this week.

OK, marijuana advocates you have a choice: pot or pistols?  You can have one, but not both.  It appears most of us will see a pay hike via the tax cut and Kentucky is setting a new standard for Medicaid that could help other states if they follow the lead.

On the local level Brevard is funding “cultural grants” above and beyond the charity dollars that are handed out to other groups.  The school district seems to have its spending out of order and the teachers’ union should have been hammering that instead of playing the percentage game.  The Needelman verdict is still in question as the judge has not decided if a new trial is warranted.  She did, however, tell attorneys they would not be allowed to search the cell phone or home computer of a juror.


A dangerous practice highlighted after game

Sports broadcasting legend, Keith Jackson dead at 89

Self driving cars on the road next year


County funds “cultural grants”

School priorities out of order (union should have played this card)

Commissioner Curt Smith reveals successful cancer treatment

Needleman judge says no to exam of juror phone- trial question unanswered

Last week’s MICKnuggets


Red light camera repeal in play in the House


OK, pot advocates…your guns or your dope

Here’s your tax cut pay hike

Kentucky sets Medicaid standard for “able bodied”

Chelsea manning for Senate?  Yep

Weird Science…and lawsuit

Pastor’s decades old “incident” with teen highlights more than #metoo

Pastor in story above will not face charges

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