Desmond Makes a Boo-Boo


While Tallahassee fails to deal with inappropriate behavior and bad judgment by the two senators who were caught (who knows how many others may yet be), one legislator in my home state was elected apparently not understanding how a legislature works!

As we begin our Thursday we have a heartwarming story of men stepping up for kids without fathers.  A Cincinnati youth basketball team was ousted from its league for a very stupid reason.  One school board member resigned because of it (his son was a player) and the kids’ school weighs in when it has no jurisdiction or reason to be involved!  It’s the same for some in Titusville as they want a citizen’s review board for the PD.  It brings to mind this: “We the unwilling, led by the unknowing…” and that is NOT what the men and women of law enforcement deserve.

Is it time to privatize ambulance service in Brevard?  Competition should serve to keep costs down, but we are facing a 36% fee increase if a Brevard Ambulance transports you.  There is no emergency alternative.

While the Brevard Federation of Teachers conducts its “work to the contract” work slowdown (that has little to no participation), Superintendent Desmond Blackburn makes a serious tactical error in taking another pay raise that was unintended by the school board as they revised his contract.  He has an opportunity here to do the right thing and decline this unintended raise that comes as negations have been stalled and the teacher salary issue remains contentious.  It is unnecessary fuel to the fire by the top taxpayer paid employee of any county agency.

In Tallahassee House Speaker Richard Corcoran is not naming names of those he has talked to about sexual harassment issues.  Is this a circling of the wagons or keeping private matters private?


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