Politically, it’s been a while since the title of this article was possible. Even now, it’s difficult to believe. We have been disappointed so many times by politicians that we wanted to believe in that we turned in the presidential election to a non-politician and that is giving us hope! I’m glad. We had enough of Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s Democratic policies that hurt the country. But who would have thought Donald Trump would be the hope of the right?

And, his actions as President-elect encourage me still. I prefer that he not be as Twitter active as he has been. In fact, I prefer him to stay off Twitter all together. I believe the forum is below the status of the president. Then again, so is the Tonight Show, the Late Show or Jimmy Kimmel. But it’s this nonconformity that makes Trump attractive. He’s turned “protocol” on its ear, stood for Israel when the current administration abandoned our only ally in the Middle East and has started budget negotiations over military purchases. All of these are positives. His appointments thus far are outstanding and are winning over the most skeptical of observers. Trump continues to surprise.

It’s that very thing that leads us into 2017 with hope. Things are different. It’s not politics as usual any more. And because it’s not, we can hope. I know it’s hard, we don’t’ want to be disappointed again, but hope we have. Embrace it and hope and pray for the best. The president could use your prayers and we can use the optimism that comes from it all.

It’s a new day, America. And there’s a new Sheriff in town!

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