The Show Before Christmas...


It’s the show before Christmas and now on our air, the sounds of discussion because we all care…

And we have the perfect gift for that liberal friend of yours this Christmas; it’s an adult coloring book.  No! Not that kind of adult! This one is entitled “I am So Sick of White Guys.”  It is about all things anti-conservative.  Puppies and hot chocolate for the safe space are optional.  While we are talking Christmas tradition, I’ll be ringing bells for the Salvation Army from 11am-1pm at the Publix on Babcock and Hibiscus in Melbourne.  Come join me, my pal Andy-who will be playing his trumpet and Curt Smith and help the Salvation Army in Doing the Most Good.  Let’s hope our day goes better than the bell ringer’s in Sacramento this week.

Boeing wants Embraer and who knows what changes that may bring?  Brevard Republicans it might be wise to heed Dave Berman’s column this weekend on Brevard’s Democrats.  They are energized and active.  Don’t lose the county on your watch!

There are at least a couple of stupid ideas in the legislature for this coming session.  I mean other than trying to penalize service providers for not being fast enough after a hurricane.  One would pile on auto theft victims if they had forgotten their keys in the car before it was stolen.  Making the victim a criminal is not smart.  The other would limit state colleges and the four year degree programs in favor of two year associate degrees.  I suppose that’s because associate degrees are better than a bachelors?

Florida Today’s Wayne Price joins us in our final hour today.  He reported the Embraer story and we’ll get his insights on that, the sexual harassment environment in the country today, the NFL and more.


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