Since at least 2010 there has been a gathering on Saturday mornings. It began with my oldest son, a friend and I having coffee on the beach as the sun came up. Eventually, as the weather grew cold it moved to my back porch, and when I downsized, it moved to my friend Randy's living room. The following took form as we met for the last time in 2017.


Tis a week before Christmas and we’re at Randy’s house
We gather with friends and we all run our mouths

We sit in a circle and I’m in a chair
We talk of our lives with nary a care

The topics are varied, opinions diverse
And on rare occasions someone will curse

When we show and tell, there’s rarely more fun
Because at least one of us is showing a gun

This morning we’re twelve, tho some, they are missing
Mistletoe has distracted them, they’re off somewhere kissing

The greetings are warm, the well wishes true
And, yes, disagreements, we have some of them, too

But it’s friendly discussion, our goals are the same
To keep all of our governments from being so lame

Elected officials, yes, they join us, too
In election season, there are more than a few

We share biscuits and coffee and occasional sweets
We communicate by email
Not everyone Tweets

But media savvy, we all claim to be
More than our politicians, it seems like to me

A sure wealth of knowledge, it comes with this crowd
And every so often it gets very loud

For passion and action are part of this, too
The world’s problems all solved, if up to this crew

We sit and we talk, we talk and we sit
Need an idea? We’ll come up with it

The coffee is cold, mid morning draws nigh
It’s time to get moving, before the sun’s high

The gang filters out of this welcoming place
Back into the world with its frantic pace

Twas our last time together in this year it seems
We’ll come back together in Twenty-Eighteen

Christmas is coming; the New Year is, too
And all of us people have so much to do

When those are accomplished, we’ll be back, not much later
For we always enjoy the
He Man-Woman Haters!

Merry Christmas!

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