The Heartbreaking Reason Fallen Soldiers May Not Receive A Wreath For X-mas

We all want to do all we can for our fallen heroes. They gave their lives to protect us against the evils of the world, making the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, and expecting nothing in return.

The very least we can do is take some time out of our lives to remember the names and actions of those brave souls who made sure we can live with the freedoms we enjoy today.

Unfortunately, not every soldier that is buried on American soil will get the traditional remembrance token this holiday season.

Wreaths Across America is a donation-based nonprofit that has been supplying the graves of veterans at Arlington National Cemetery with wreaths and memorabilia for 25 years.

The group also services more than 1,200 locations across the United States to make sure these patriots receive the honors due to them for their gallantry.

However, they recently announced that they will not be able to provide their usual gifts this year.

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