"Human Guinea Pig" Tim Ferriss Joins Thrive Global Podcast

Arianna Huffington sits down for a deep conversation with fellow podcast host and “Human Guinea Pig” Tim Ferriss. The author, speaker, investor and productivity guru is the author of four #1 best-selling books—most recently, Tribe of Mentors. 

Arianna and Tim delve into several topics ranging from mental health and mindset to stoicism and being fearless. 

Tim explains why he thinks "Human Guinea Pig" has done well, and why his love of podcasting gives him an advantage over other people who are just "doing it out of obligation, or guilt, or fear of missing out:"

I think part of the reason the podcast is done well…is that I really genuinely love doing it. I would be doing something like that and having these conversations anyway because I love doing it. And if you come into anything, say podcasting or using a new social media tool, and you’re doing it out of obligation, or guilt, or fear of missing out, you’re going to have a really hard time competing against someone who also happens to love doing it. You’re not going to have the endurance, you’re not going to have the resilience to compete against someone like that.

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Photo: Rachel Kaplan

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