After the Texas Church Shooting last Sunday it’s more than apparent no place, no matter the purpose, is scared. I believe our people of faith should begin honoring that perception. After all it’s not the building that’s sacred. Turning the other cheek does not mean being a lamb to the slaughter.

Every church, EVERY church, should be taking advantage of local law enforcement cooperation in training their people in addressing an active shooter situation. Church ushers or others who are trained and capable could serve in roles as security personnel. And being armed is a must.

No one can predict when or why a madman will decide that your church or other venue is the place for his acts of vengeance. Can you say your church is ready should it be the next target? I would venture to say that most can not. I hope that changes and that it changes soon.

Christianity has seen days of harsher persecution, and they may be returning. The public at large appears to be growing more and more anti-Christian, seeing no difference in Christianity and Islam or Hinduism. Faith is faith and in the critic’s mind the attacks are justified. They even scoffed at those praying after the Texas event. That’s sad.

But those attitudes also feed the mentally deranged that would take those feelings and translate them into action. If and when that should occur and you are there, what will your reaction be? Will you be ready to respond and save innocent lives, or will you be a victim? Will your church step up and be ready to spot and stop an attacker before the attack can grow into a tragedy?

While the church may be the place intended to get folks ready to meet Jesus, it must now also be willing to arrange the meeting face to face and at a moment’s notice!

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