Wounded Veteran Has Embarked on a Month-Long 800 Mile Challenge


INJOIn 2010, during his second deployment, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Rob Jones was in Afghanistan when he came in contact with an improvised explosive device and lost both of his legs.

He was fitted with prosthetics, and after a lot of hard work, he learned to not only walk again, but run — and now he's embarked on a month-long journey. He will travel to 31 cities, and every day he'll run 26.2 miles back to back:


“I intend to show veterans through the amount of support that I personally receive throughout this challenge that America loves her veterans, and the American people love their veterans, and want to help and support them,” he wrote on his website.

Along with raising awareness, he wants to “incite action” within Americans to sacrifice their time and effort for a cause they care about.

“One of the things they teach you in the Marine Corps from the get-go is your mission is the most important thing, it’s more important than yourself,” Jones explained to Men's Health. “And so, my mission is to help my brother veterans get back into society and get back into their families, and that’s more important than me.”

He's already completed marathons in London, Philadelphia, and New York. His last run in Washington, D.C., on November 12, which also happens to be Veteran's Day.

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