Use WiFi? Security Experts Have Bad News


Bad news for WiFi users: A security expert has found that all WiFi networks are vulnerable to hacking thanks to a weakness in the wireless security protocol WPA2. 

WPA2 is used to protect most WiFi connections, and the fact that it's broken means attackers may be able to "read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted," per Mathy Vanhoef's report published Monday. 

"This can be abused to steal sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos and so on." The report says such an attack would work "against all modern protected WiFi networks" on operating systems including Android, Linux, Apple, Windows, OpenBSD, MediaTek, Linksys, and more, the Guardian reports. Google says it is working on a patch, and Microsoft says it's already released a security update to fix the issue.

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