Man Tired Of Wife's Nagging Hides In A Forest For 10 Years


After three years of marriage, Malcolm Applegate had enough, but instead of asking for a divorce, he just up and disappeared. 

It turned out that Malcolm had been living in the woods for the past ten years. 


The now 62-year-old British gardener reached a breaking point when his wife got angry that his business was growing, causing him to work more hours. Without telling friends, family or his spouse, he walked and biked for three weeks from his home in Birmingham to London, where he camped in some thick woods and worked in the garden of a nearby community center. 

Recently, he went to a shelter that helps homeless people get back on their feet. He moved in and started to put his life back together, which meant calling his sister for the first time in a decade. She had presumed he was dead and was overjoyed to find out otherwise. 

No word on if his wife has contacted him again.   


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