Legislative Listening & Covering Irma

State Representative Randy Fine is with us in our 7am hour today.  Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel is our 8am guest.  The legislative session is coming up and Fine, along with the rest of the Brevard Delegation, met with Brevard on Wednesday.  We’ll discuss issues of interest at that meeting.  Rangel is writing on a Fine co-sponsored bill that would ban soda purchases from EBT cards. She also spent Hurricane Irma in the heart of the storm.  We’ll talk that experience as well.  Brevard’s teachers’ union is saying no to a 1% raise offered by the school board.  It’s a Friday on BML!


Teachers’ Union says no to 1% pay hike

School Board talks with Legislators

So does everyone else


Fine backs ending EBT soda purchases

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