Storms Come and Go, People are… People

Irma was not the first. Sadly, she won’t be the last. But, there is some comfort to be had as we consider the storm and look back at the aftermath. One thing that strikes me is consistency. You see the storm changes our environment, but does it really change us? I think not and I have a couple of examples.

First, Florida Today’s Britt Kennerly who was on with us Tuesday at 8am. She not only reported on the storm, but was victim of Irma. The roof pulled away from her home as she sat in the dark working on an article for the paper. She was now reporter and victim all in the same story. The story she tells is one of kindness and understanding. People helping people through the worst of what Irma had to offer. The podcast is worth your time.

Then there is South Florida State Senator Daphne Campbell who attempted to use her position to influence, through her FPL lobbyist contact, how FPL responded to the storm. This was not for her constituents, but for her family. When Campbell perceived that her pleas had influenced FPL’s restoration timeline, she claimed credit. FPL called the senator’s claims absurd. Imagine that, a politician taking credit for something she no credit in resolving. Yeah, I’m not surprised either.

The good thing is I am also not surprised by the kind words and deeds people in Brevard have bestowed upon each other as we recover from Irma together.

There is comfort in consistency, even if some of it is not what we’d like to see.

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