Things I Didn’t Know…and Maybe Still Don’t

True confessions- I sometimes sound smarter than I am. I know…it surprises you! Ha! Seriously, I have an amazing job that gets highlighted in times of emergency. It’s not the same as when I was a cop, but it has moments where it does matter.

For instance, it’s the middle of the storm and power and cable are gone. Where do people turn? Radio. For decades radio has been there when others couldn’t. A simple, 20th Century invention that is as viable today, maybe more so than it’s ever been. Oh, we’ve been enhanced by technological advances like the rest of society. But, when it comes down to it, that simple broadcast device that is standard equipment in every car is still essential for news, weather, traffic and other information when it matters most.

Turn it on and that familiar voice is there giving you the information you sought and (hopefully) reassuring you that we are getting through this. When it’s over, that same voice is there with information that helps you get the resources you need to recover from the storm, whatever that recovery takes. Are schools, government facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and other businesses open? Are power and water services being restored? The information is there for the listening...and the stories of triumph and tragedy from people just like you who experienced the storm somewhere else, but with you just the same all because of radio. We were in this together.

And that information that I am privileged to be able to share with you…it’s not MY information. I get to share it, but I don’t gather it all…I just get the microphone to be able to tell you about it. It takes a team of dedicated people, some of whom do not do this kind of work on a regular basis, to compile and sort it so that it makes sense and is of value to us all. They deserve a lot of thanks.

And, maybe the biggest thanks of all…to our engineering staff that consists in this market of one man, Chief Engineer Andy McDonald. His knowledge and expertise allow our stations to stay on the air when no others in market were able to do so. That is nothing short of amazing! Nobody knows the extent of things he does, often with just a, “Hey, Andy, is it possible for us to do ….” And he’s on it with a great answer before we know it…He, as much as anyone, deserves credit for what we are able to do.

Thanks for allowing us to be part of your lives every day…and especially on those days when it matters the most. Even if I don’t know it all.

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