Recovery Continues

Recovery in Brevard is happening.  It may be slower in some areas than others, but we are getting there.  I drove to Cape Canaveral last night to check on my sister’s condo…people can’t crive in post-Irma conditions.  I watched an entire string of traffic, at least 8 cars, follow each other through a non functioning traffic light on the way.  Folks just don‘t get it.  We have updates in play and here is the list:

Cocoa boil water notice PARTIALLY lifted

Irma 3 times Matthew’s damage

Power, Trash, Water and Ice

Schools post-Irma

Over 70% in Brevard have power

Gabordi: No fake news in a storm

Back to more normal stuff:

College students can’t handle child’s play

Stevie Wonder- the blind trying to lead the rest of us

Richmond has a unique idea- let cops do their jobs

Melbourne could use the same idea

Hillary says Benghazi cost her the election

Harvard hires Chelsea BRADLEY Manning

The Brevard Cultural Alliance- a self licking ice cream cone

Previous storm stuff:


Disinfecting water for use after a storm (or maybe the EPA actually says something important)

Safety after the storm

Florida’s Hurricane History


Tips for what to do now

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