The World Goes On

We are taking more steps toward normal.  Schools open on Monday and more and more places are getting power and coming to life.  While we recover the world around us goes on.  It has to.  We’ll try to pick up a few normal topics today as we continue to hope for, pray for and help each other.  Here is the list:

Say what ya want, this is a good sign; Waffle Houses reopening

Debris removal begins

What’s open/closed

Jetty Park closed indefinitely

One for Rod: FEMA approves Brevard for assistance

Back to more normal stuff:

Torres: Time to try to get back to normal

College students can’t handle child’s play

Who has racial bias?  ESPN, That’s who!

Stevie Wonder- the blind trying to lead the rest of us

Richmond has a unique idea- let cops do their jobs

Melbourne could use the same idea

Hillary says Benghazi cost her the election

Jose no threat, unless you enter the water

The Brevard Cultural Alliance- a self licking ice cream cone

Previous storm stuff:


Disinfecting water for use after a storm (or maybe the EPA actually says something important)

Safety after the storm

Florida’s Hurricane History

A sign of the times- device charging stations in Palm Bay

Power should be restored by the end of the weekend

Gasoline is hit and miss

So are cell phones


Tips for what to do now

Torres: was man meant to live here?


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