WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- the phones are back!

It's Back...Almost

As we recover from Hurricane Irma things are gradually returning to some normalcy.  Finding gasoline can be a challenge.  It can be the same with a cell phone signal or ice.  Many of us have at least some cleaning up to do.  Power and cable are returning, although not as quickly as we may wish.  We’ll get through this, we always have.  There will be significant changes for some who experienced severe damage, but most of us will see things slowly return to our normal routines.

Most of our links today are storm related, but it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and WE HAVE OUR PHONES BACK…OK, Space Coast, it’s time for you to sound off! 

What’s on your mind?

A sign of the times- device charging stations in Palm Bay

Power should be restored by the end of the weekend

Gasoline is hit and miss

So are cell phones

Say what ya want, this is a good sign; Waffle Houses reopening


Tips for what to do now

Torres: was man meant to live here?

The Brevard Cultural Alliance- a self licking ice cream cone


Disinfecting water for use after a storm (or maybe the EPA actually says something important)

Safety after the storm

Florida’s Hurricane History

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