The Calm Before...


Irma has taken a turn we don’t necessarily like, but prayers are that we see it shift back to the east or elsewhere as Florida is directly in the crosshairs as things stand now.  In non-storm news, I am no fan of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but Ford Springer misses the point about Goodell and his job in this Daily Caller column.  By the way, the Goodell “clown nose” shirts and towels at New England last night were FUNNY!

Brevard Evacuation Zones and Shelters

State working to keep fuel available

Brevard paying school employees early

Storm surge could be 10’

Gabordi: How Florida Today is covering the storm

How to behave in a shelter…we need this?  YEP!

It’s what reporters do in a storm

Brevard Schools closed now

Brevard could get tropical force winds Saturday night

See the latest Houston updates here


TODAY: Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi will be back with us at 8am.

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