Hurricane Irma: BE READY

We’ll be heavily focused on Hurricane Irma this morning as the monster storm bears down on Florida. Evacuations are already under way from the Keys and South Florida.  We’ll be with you through and after the storm with the latest and to give you those familiar voices as we get through the storm together.

Here are today’s links:

The storm must be bad, a Manson follower get parole

Irma Evacuation orders

Where’s she going?

How to behave in a shelter…we need this?  YEP!

It’s what reporters do in a storm

Brevard Schools closed now

Brevard could get tropical force winds Saturday night

dee the latest Houston updates here


TODAY at 7:07 Jim Banke will join us for a launch update, at 7:42 Sheriff Wayne Ivey will give us a Brevard Hurricane Irma preparation update and in our 8am hour School  Board Member Tina Descovich will join us. 

Friday: Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi will be back with us at 8am.

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