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In addition to some very good movies from the 30’s and 40’s and some Mountaineer football over the holiday weekend, I had an interesting Facebook discussion over my post about seeing the Clint Eastwood classic Unforgiven Sunday at Premiere Oaks.  It was about cops and the attitude in the general public regarding them. Of course the Utah nurse being arrested for doing her job came into play.  Speaking of cops…they are tired of being blamed for the attitude in the country and they are standing up about it!  Colorado’s “Sex Offender Registry” has been deemed unconstitutional

Are comic books coming to life?  This military research is straight out of SpiderMan.  A gun isn’t always the great equalizer.  Just ask this guy.    

Leave it to Barack Obama to create an historic document in this letter to President Trump.  The White House seems to have no use for polling and they are right. 

While there is plenty happening that could keep Palm Bay out of the news, apparently the clowns involved don’t like it that way.  The city’s former Growth Management Director, also a key figure in the recent controversies in the city, was arrested for domestic battery over the weekend.  However, a story by Florida Today over the weekend did a nice follow-up on the other, more important issues

Governor Rick Scott has a dream.  Unfortunately it’s filled with illegal immigrants. 

The County Commission will be deciding just how to spend the Tourist Development Tax and the debate is about money to be spent on “the arts.” 

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TOMORROW: Royce Bartlett sits in for me on a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY

It doesn’t appear Brevard Schools will join the lawsuit against the state over the education bill passed in the last legislative session.  Board member Tina Descovich will join us Thursday in our 8am hour to discuss this and other school issues. 

Friday: Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi is scheduled to be back with us at 8am

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