What is it with people and the IN and OUT doors at Publix or WalMart? And buggy pushing the wrong side of the aisle?

Again yesterday I was going IN the IN door at Publix. As I began to follow a lady I politely waited for as we approached at nearly the same time, a couple of employees were off loading a water display to the right of the entrance way. I pause; the lady goes forward and is nearly run over by a guy riding a hover round or something on his way out of the store. He laughs at her- appeared they knew each other- as he says, this time I didn't hit anybody!

I'm thinking- JERK, if you had been using the OUT DOOR- there would have been nobody to hit!! This isn't even considering his rude action of, if you're gonna go out the IN door, at least give right of way to those coming IN! As I entered the store, at least two more people were exiting the OUT door without consideration that anyone would be entering…


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Am I wrong, or do the rules if the road and common courtesy not apply here??? People are always pushing their carts at me as I proceed down the right side of the aisle, cart or not! Get on the right side, people!

It's pretty easy. I mean, do you do this with your car in traffic? Then WHY IS IT OK in the grocery store???? AND STOP LOOKING AT ME AS IF I AM VIOLATING SOME UNWRITTEN RULE OF GROCERY CART DRIVING. IT's NOT LIKE THERE IS A LEARNER's PERMIT AND A TEST!!! This should be easy!

And then there are the selfish shoppers! Not like Christmas Eve shoppers- I can understand that at least.

No, these people believe they are the only ones shopping in the store...or at least that aisle. Even if they are parked on the right side of the aisle they stop the buggy and then stand directly beside it as they shop at the aisle to their left!

There I am just standing while they look at the latest selection of cake frosting and reading every ingredient and expiration date on the shelf, or God forbid, are trying to do the mental math to see which product saves them a couple of pennies at checkout!!!

I'm in shopping purgatory- something this Baptist boy didn't believe in until this particular shopping experience!!!

How about this- I mean, we all shop both sides when going down a grocery aisle. So, if your interest strays from the right side to the left, push your cart ahead a few feet while you step to the left side to do your shopping calculus in your head.

That way those of us not interested in watching your veins bulge out in your temple while we watch your endless struggle with higher math concepts, can just casually walk on by and continue what should be a pleasant experience of selecting our own delicacies for our pantries…and then exit through the OUT door!

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