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We have no shortage of topics on this day where you get to choose our subjects.  So, take one of mine that are listed here or bring one of your own to the table for BML today.  No matter what you choose, it promises to be an interesting discussion this morning on the Space Coast. 

Palm Bay’s Deputy City Manager has resigned.  It’s a good move that will work to the best of the city.  It’s hard to lead when everything you do brings questions of past controversy.  It’s smart for Dave and smart for the city.

Thanks to School Board Member Andy Ziegler.  He has clarification on the Mel High band and color guard situation we discussed as a result of an email to the show yesterday.  We’ll share that today.  Can there be a “gender emergency” in kindergarten?  Apparently. 

Listen to this carefully.  You were right and I was wrong…sort of: Kathy Griffin has taken back her apology over the President Trump severed head photo shoot.  She’s not sorry, she’s bitter!  And what is it with Hollywood that it doesn’t get that acting is being something you aren’t!

Higher education is apparently taught by those who aren’t smart.  Who in his right mind wishes ill will to those in a disaster zone like Houston?  Speaking of “not smart” I am no fan of made up holidays, but if we are going to have them, let’s not be stupid about it.  The courts have ruled on the “Redskins’ issue, but that isn’t stopping one Maryland school from enforcing the PC nonsense.  While we continue with stupid- after his stupid run in with a shark, Michael Phelps must be smelling money in the water.  He now wants to race Conor McGregor! 

The Obama Administration FBI had lost its mind…or was it corrupt?  Was it common sense or scare tactics that stopped the county Commission from allowing “medical” marijuana in Brevard for now?

Texas got slammed with Hurricane Harvey.  In the aftermath we see some of the best and some of the worst of society.  We are broken!  See the latest Houston updates here

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