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Schools have a job to do and this Principal should manage school. Not fashion.  While some continue to lament that Colin Kaepernick is jobless, here is More Kaepernick analysis from the pros; Barkley - Jim Brown.  We are so ready to be offended today that we are willing to kill the classics because of it.  For example Snowflakes kill the Gone with the Wind 

Texas got slammed with Hurricane Harvey.  See the latest Houston updates here.  Apparently the storm caused some folks to forget they are in Texas as Hurricane Harvey brings looters, justice

In other news over the weekend former Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been pardoned by president Trump.  In a great column in Florida today one local writer issued this Opinion: Military not a social experiment, get over it LGBTers

Californians are so sensitive that a Gun range has been threatened with a law suit over LADIES ONLY nights.  The boxing match that was overhyped, yet managed to meet expectations, brought us Mayweather/McGregor as expected, but don’t expect boxers to go the other way

Florida Today’s new opinion editor meets Brevard and would like to hear from you (so she thinks!  Ha!).  And just in case you missed them on air we have them from Florida Today here: last week’s MICKnuggets.

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