Friends Defined (like you needed that!)



How do you define friend?  You know who your friends are.  Did you need a court to tell you? Apparently attorneys did!  ESPN is still taking heat from the Robert Lee games switch move.  They are also inconsistent in implementing such policy.  What happened when an editor asks reporters to stick to the facts?  They do, to the letter, well, to the email anyway.  Did you vote for President Trump? Congratulations, you’re a White Supremacist.  My hometown is still making that post flood comeback. The City of Melbourne has taken the air out of the Confederate Flag protesters in a smart budget move. Elon Musk has captured imagination and maybe a bit of movie history in his new space suit design.  We have those stories and a lot more as we venture into our Thursday on BML.                                                                                                              

We needed a court to tell us this?

Inconsistency at ESPN

What does ESPN fear?  Image problems (too late!)

Don’t ask reporters to stick to the facts

Vote for Trump?  You’re a White Supremacist

The hometown comeback continues

Melbourne circumvents flag issue

Musk’s new space suit…welcome to 2001

State files criminal charge against officer in K-9 death

Hanging around for now:

OPERATION CHOKEPOINT- done, thankfully

Commission just says no to “medical” marijuana

Says yes to Lori Wilson Park TDC scam

Blackburn/Ziegler: FLORIDA TODAY blew the settlement!

Under ocean in 50 years, why does SB want “sustainability”?

Here’s an idea for helping homeless veterans

Someone didn’t think this one through

Florida Today missing the point in airport name dispute

A look back at last week’s MICKnuggets (with “the O word” edited in)

Blackburn wants internal auditors

Governor wants supermajority for tax hikes

How small state politics matter (beyond the electoral college)

Connecticut town wants to ban texting and walking

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