WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Unbelievable Edition


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What a slate of stories we have for our WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY!  Updates on previous reports, ESPN losing its mind over Political Correctness in the wake of Charlottesville, a kindergarten transgender party, Satellite Beach wants a hotel for 50 years, George Foreman speaks on Trump/ Kaepernick, Ziegler & Blackburn blame Florida Today for failure to settle EDR/Harris suit, County Commission gives nod to TDC at Lori Wilson-says no to “medical” marijuana and gives time to the EDC- these are on my slate for today.  What’s on YOUR mind?

George Foreman on Trump & Kaepernick

Update: USC kicker sues after expulsion

ESPN is soooo LAME Asian announcer ROBERT LEE can’t call UVA game

Congressman: stand for history=stand for slavery and lynching

No culture in frat parties!  (Getting their robes twisted)

The kindergarten transgender reveal party

The atheist playbook- the doctrine of belittlement

OPERATION CHOKEPOINT- done, thankfully

Commission just says no to “medical” marijuana

Says yes to Lori Wilson Park TDC scam

Blackburn/Ziegler: FLORIDA TODAY blew the settlement!

The president in Arizona

Under ocean in 50 years, why does SB want “sustainability”?

Here’s an idea for helping homeless veterans

Hanging around for now:

Someone didn’t think this one through

Florida Today missing the point in airport name dispute

A look back at last week’s MICKnuggets (with “the O word” edited in)

Blackburn wants internal auditors

Governor wants supermajority for tax hikes

How small state politics matter (beyond the electoral college)

Connecticut town wants to ban texting and walking

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