Eclipse 2017: Beginning of THE WALKING DEAD


OK, it’s eclipse day...yawn.  If it weren’t for the side notes, I’d probably just go take my nap.  An interesting thought is-what happens to wild animals during the event?  For us, it just may be the Krispy Kreme donuts that are eclipsed by chocolate for the event.  We’ll be handing them out in our parking pot beginning at 7am.    

Schools are handling the eclipse differently, depending on where they are.  Someone in the education establishment had a great idea- issue iPads to kids.  Let’s hope the idea doesn’t catch on here.  My home county is experiencing the problem that should have been anticipated!

It was a tragic week for cops across the country as 6 police officers were shot over the weekend with two in Kissimmee succumbing to their wounds.  Governor Scott has moved the case away from State Attorney Aramis Ayala.  Other officers in Jacksonville and Pennsylvania are on the mend.  While real cops are worried about the violence they face, some NYPD officers are rallying for Colin Kaepernick…as if the former NFL star needs their help to find a job.

A Boston “free speech” rally fizzled when counter-protesters swarmed the venue and stopped anything other than their views from being heard.  For its part the ACLU is backing some civil rights, but certainly not all of them.

Locally, there are big plans in the works for a Downtown Melbourne Hotel, Florida Today isn’t getting it on the airport name game and those who want to further divide our country are planning a Melbourne council meeting disruption over the Confederate Flag stance the city has taken.


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