We Need Some Adults...Please?


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What a week it’s been and today promises no different.   From a threatened lawsuit at UF to Bill Nelson being proud of Marco Rubio  we have a full slate of stories for today‘s discussion, a rocket launch as we hit the 8am hour and Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi in that same hour.

Gettysburg has made a reputation and been a destination as a Civil War tourism spot.  They are keeping Confederate monuments, if they can.  Charlottesville’s mayor apparently needs his hand held.  One state senator called for the assassination of the president and she’s refusing to resign.  Authorities have hit back on University Boulevard and it’s a good thing.  Richard Corcoran’s House is like an airline- it has a rewards program!  And Adam Putnam’s campaign needs to defeltnerize!

UF set to take on suit if white supremacist files

Confederate monuments to stay in Gettysburg

Charlottesville mayor whines president never called him

One trick pony Gore says President Trump should resign

People are electing idiots- like this one

Drug stings hit University Boulevard

Putnam campaign pulling a Feltner

Richard Corcoran’s loyalty rewards

Marco- when Nelson is proud of you, you messed up

MLB commissioner is on the right track

Want to be like JFK or DiMaggio?

Connecticut town wants to ban texting and walking

Bob Gabordi: Community Walks

Hanging around for now:

Blackburn wants internal auditors

Governor wants supermajority for tax hikes

We’d best learn to color within the lines

How small state politics matter (beyond the electoral college)

Horrible political timing- not his fault: Latvala announces for governor

Eclipse viewing- without becoming THE WALKING DEAD!

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