Left Encouraging More Charlottesvilles



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What happens when miss part of what’s said on BML?  Do you lash out with only part of the facts?  Do you check the PODCAST and verify what you thought you heard?  Or do you go to Facebook to accuse the host of something egregious?  A funny thing happened on the way to a conversation yesterday and we open our day there…and clarify for everyone just what I said.

Charlottesville continues to dominate the narrative today.  In the aftermath half of those responsible seem determined to agitate the other half, being too naive to realize they are perpetuating the violence.  Were police told to stand down in Charlottesville like they were in Baltimore?  I said yesterday that our government officials are responsible for being unprepared to handle civil unrest.  Watching your community burn down is not an acceptable response. 

Sheriff Wayne Ivey joins us in our 8am and we’ll talk the peoples’ right to peaceably assemble and law enforcement’s role when such an event turns violent.

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