Troubled Times



VIRGINIA- It's on everyone's mind and we'll devote extensive time to it today on BML. Oh, there are other stories out there, and we'll link up the attention grabbers below, but our focus today is just what's happened to us...or US, the United States. Are our words and actions helping or adding to the problem? There should be no controversy here, but I'm not betting on that. Links are below and the conversation begins in our 6am hour.

Charlottesville- the event

President Trump was right to begin with

David Duke remains an idiot

And…the lesson isn’t learned

If you’re going to SPEAK OUT- do so with facts and understanding


We’d best learn to color within the lines

Glen Campbell’s pal…Alice Cooper?

How small state politics matter (beyond the electoral college)

Jeb loses again- yes, we told ya so!

Last week’s MICKnuggets from Florida Today

Horrible political timing- not his fault: Latvala announces for governor

NFL “anthem protests” are old, tired

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