Friday ROAD RAGE Show



What happens when we have the unintelligent leading our institutions of education?  We lose history and perspective, that’s what.  What would you do when you notice a car following you while the driver is holding something aimed at you?  Could you reaction get you jailed?  Mitch McConnell said the president had excessive expectations of how quickly congress could act.  The president was having none of it.

We have a couple of updates on stories from earlier this week.  The University of Georgia is reversing a stupid grading policy one of its professors had put in play and that fired Google employee says Google asks their folks to violate the law in relating to each other.

Bob Gabordi is out again this week still fighting off what we’ll call “the crud.”   We’ll still talk his reaction to the DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY controversy and the ridiculous reaction of the T community.  Melbourne, if you want the shooting to stop, it’s time for you to step up for your community.  Superintendent of Schools Desmond Blackburn credits the Board for finding money and working in a fiscally conservative manner.  Let’s get this Friday rolling!

An overreacting society

Was it road rage?  What would you do?

McConnell bemoans high expectations

Update: UGA kills grading choice policy

Update: Fired Google employee says illegal practices encouraged

Gabordi responds to DUDE controversy

Melbourne- if you want crime reduced, get involved

Blackburn on Board and finding money

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