Palm Bay, Brevard, Canada, Guam & North Korea



I received a press release from the City of Palm Bay.  It’s gotten a clean bill of health on the handling of CDBG funds as one aspect of the investigation can allow some a sigh of relief.  This mirrors what City manager Gregg Lynk has been telling us throughout this situation.  If the council can stop the petty politics and the activists can learn to wait for the facts to come out, as opposed to jumping to conclusions and pointing their witch hunt fingers, just maybe this will all play out and be cleaned up!

One Florida Today letter got my attention yesterday and it’s from a friend whom I have come to respect as wise beyond his years.  Eric Hoppenbrouwer served in Afghanistan and has thoughts on the USA and war.  The timing is good as Guam is in the cross hairs of North Korea and the saber rattling is ongoing.  Here’s a story you don’t expect: Canada is having trouble accommodating refugees seeking asylum- from the United States.

Locally the County Commission is looking at ethics and lobbyist registration and also pay raises for county employees.  As school begins today in Brevard, there is a new discipline policy and some innovation in the classroom that could alleviate discipline issues. 


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