Back to School Week


When Jay Cutler signed with the Miami Dolphins sports media was aghast because Colin Kaepernick was not the new QB for the Fins.  But, they aren’t mentioning that it’s Kaepernick’s own fault he is unemployed.  One university president is standing up to the nonsense we are seeing at America’s colleges.  And a Georgia professor is doubling down on the stupidity.  What happens when a corporate employee writes about the environment in the company?  He gets fired, of course.  If you are a US Senator and you feel like you are being bullied and you cry to the media about it, just maybe you aren’t senate material.  The animal rights nut jobs aren’t going to be outdone by lawmakers seeing to punish those who watch a human die.  They are after new legislation as a result of the shark dragging video.  More details are emerging from Florida Today on the Homes for Warriors program in Palm Bay.  For Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli is getting the OK from the county commission to build a development on his family’s Merritt Island orange grove. 

Our 8am hour returns Superintendent of Brevard Schools Desmond Blackburn to the BML studio for a look at the school year ahead and the issues facing the district.

New Today:

Kaepernick has himself to blame

University President stands up to idiocy

Idiocy like this

Google employee writes anti-diversity letter

He also gets fired

Senator should resign- feels bullied

Not to be outdone

More Homes for Warriors details

Crisafulli development gets OK from Commission

Blackburn on new year, legislature

Gabordi responds to DUDE controversy

Last week’s NUGGETS in print

Still to tackle:

MEDIA: Oh, no! Not us!

Supreme Court & gun control

Does the BPS budget stop plasma selling?

Armored cars NOT the answer to Brevard Schools' theft problem

School changes coming

County top management set

New County Manager- is it golf vs roads?

Sports for tourism?  Here comes the cash flow

No! It’s the ARTS!

The county budget debate

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