Being Offended: & Expecting the Offender to be Punished

baseball player fighting



It’s punish offensive behavior Monday on BML.  It’s happening in the sports world at the amateur and professional levels and it’s wrong.  Oh, it’s not that discipline is not warranted for such acts by those in the spotlight, but society is beginning to overreact to offense as if it’s even more important that behavior deemed to be cheating in the sport.  FOX NEWS keeps shooting itself, if only it were just in the foot.  No, the shooting going on is with smart phones a-la Anthony Weiner.  The culture at FOX NEWS must change or they will kill what has been a news stalwart almost since its beginning.  In other media news, reporters are concerned that the Trump administration is considering subpoenas for them in the White House leak investigation.  IN Florida, the Republican race for governor is on between two unannounced candidates.  And in the Supreme Court post-Sandy Hook gun control laws are under scrutiny.

Locally, officials want a Good Samaritan law to make prosecution for something more severe than failing to report a dead body possible when we see acts like those of the teens in Cocoa as they videoed a drowning man all the while taunting him to his death.  Can we force action in such a situation?  Should we?  In Palm Bay on HOMES FOR WARRIORS family is trying to see the home they were given.  It may not be possible under the guidelines established and managed by the city.

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