Good News for Christian Business Owners

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Just maybe you don’t have to take those photos or bake that cake for a gay wedding.  And maybe your NC college can’t shut down a conservative speaker.  Could that one go too far?  When you have a community discussion about a certain group, how can you discuss it when mentioning the group is banned?  Dave Isnardi has taken leave at Palm Bay and that’s a smart move.  Schools open next week but one professor says our pre-schools aren’t gay enough…huh?  VISIT FLORIDA’s head is resigning, saying he can’t operate in the Sunshine (dirty deeds done dirt cheap?).  Bob Gabordi was scheduled with us at 8am.  Unfortunately he’s a bit under the weather.  Hiss charitable efforts are drawing criticism…and some support!

New Today:

One for the good guys

And another- but does this one go too far?

How do you discuss an issue when you can’t mention it?

Isnardi taking time off in Palm Bay

School changes coming

But your pre-school isn’t GAY enough

Tourism head finds he can’t work in the sunshine

Christians in the White House?  STOP THEM!

County top management set

Gabordi to perform in DUDE event

Some support for Bob’s transformation

Still to tackle:

Does the BPS budget stop plasma selling?

Armored cars NOT the answer to Brevard Schools' theft problem

New County Manager- is it golf vs roads?

Sports for tourism?  Here comes the cash flow

No! It’s the ARTS!

The county budget debate

Novel idea- ask doctors about “healthcare reform”

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