Forgetting History & Traditional Values



One of today’s letters to the editor echoes a conversation I had recently.  Police light bars are just too bright!  A couple of others are jumping on the issue of the day for Brevard’s left- “Dude Looks Like a Lady” as being bad for the tranny community.  These self-centered folks need to take a step back and untwist their panties!  Are your standards being disregarded by social media?  Can tax reform happen for the country?  One Republican says not if it doesn’t happen by Thanksgiving.  We just may have time to catch up on more of last week’s news we missed together while I was out…let’s see!

Whining to Florida Today: Light Bars and Men in Drag

The social media fight against YOUR standards

Forgetting history does NOT change it, folks

Republican says no tax reform if not done by Thanksgiving

Still to tackle:

Does the BPS budget stop plasma selling?

Armored cars NOT the answer to Brevard Schools' theft problem

New County Manager- is it golf vs roads?

Sports for tourism?  Here comes the cash flow

No! It’s the ARTS!

The county budget debate

Novel idea- ask doctors about “healthcare reform”

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