WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- Trannie Tantrum Edition


(Photo: GettyImages.com)

It’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and we’ll take on the topics of your choice on the show today!  For my part these stories are in consideration:

Teachers' Union disappointed

Does the BPS budget stop plasma selling?

Armored cars NOT the answer to Brevard Schools' theft problem

New County Manager- is it golf vs roads?

Sports for tourism?  Here comes the cash flow

No! It’s the ARTS!

The county budget debate

New today:

FBI subpoena seeks Palm Bay records

TDC wants to reallocate the bed tax money

Tranny Tantrum over DUDE charity

Novel idea- ask doctors about “healthcare reform”

You can’t deny an allegation when it comes to Title IX

So bring us your ideas and we’ll see where the day takes us!


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