Searching for The Perfect Hot Dog


(Photos: Bill Mick)

THANK YOU, Royce Bartlett!  I appreciate you taking the big chair last week in my absence!  Great job as always!  Love it when you take the reins and have magnificent shows all week!

As we get back in the swing of things it’s nice to note that authorities are looking at charges for the kids who callously watched and videoed a man drowning in Cocoa.  It’s odd to note the lack of response of the governor when he saw fit to speak out on the shark dragging story last week!

I wasn’t even out of town when a local wanna-be political figure decided misrepresenting me and the show was a good Facebook exercise.  We’ll educate David Kearns on today‘s program!  And, please, since the head of the Boy Scouts of America saw fit to apologize for the President of the United States, allow me to apologize for that so-called leader of the scouts who should stick to the scouts’ gay agenda and leave governing the country to our elected officials.  Also of interest in my absence was the finding that Colin Kaepernick almost singularly is responsible for the NFL’s decline in TV ratings.  It’s sad to note at the same time that some 99% of NFL players in retirement are showing signs of brain disease.  Could it change the sport we love to watch?  It was interesting to read the story of the McDermotts' plea agreements and their statements regarding their crimes. I suppose if dishonesty is a way of life for you, the lies to the court are no big deal!  It may take us most of the week to catch up on what we missed by not being together last week, but we’ll give it our best.

On the school front, teachers are disappointed in the contract proposals from the district.  Maybe that plasma selling idea is a good one?  And armored cars will not fix the dishonesty problem in our schools as it relates to handling activity and other funds.

At the county, it’s budget season and the entities that beg for dollars are pushing hard.  Does it really come down to roads or golf courses?  New County Manager Frank Abbate has a job ahead of him!

We’ll begin the week with the WV search for the perfect hot dog...oh, and Mom's 80th was a blast!  And, then of course, business as usual:

Segregating normal kids who object to trannies in their toilets

Apologizing for the Boy Scouts

Colin Kaepernick killed the NFL's ratings more than brain disease

And the football brain disease numbers are SHOCKING!

Justice and lies in the Ice Cream store stolen property case

Teachers' Union disappointed (maybe it’s time to sell more plasma!)

Armored cars NOT the answer to Brevard Schools' theft problem

New County Manager- is it golf vs roads?

Sports for tourism?  Here comes the cash flow

No! It’s the ARTS!

The county budget debate

Sustainability and Melbourne- now governed by the left and the League of Cities: we talk to councilmen on both sides. Today Paul Alfrey joins us at 8am.  Tomorrow Tim Thomas steps up for the NO side.

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