Couple Has as Good a Reason as Any to Burn Their House Down


People on social media are freaking out after watching footage of an enormous spider found clinging to the glass door of an Australian couple's home.

The massive huntsman spider, estimated to be about 12 inches across, was found climbing the house by its homeowners. One of them, Lauren Ansell, of Mount Coolum, Queensland, posted photos and video of the arachnid which was spotted as her partner was preparing dinner outside. 

"We didn't want to kill it," she told Daily Mail Australia, "but it didn't like us for trying to move it along."

In the short video Ansell shared, her partner can be seen holding a cat up towards the nightmare creature. Whether that was a visual aid to contextualize the spider's size or as a symbol of fealty, Facebook users freely speculated.


And while huntsman spiders, like most arachnids, aren't generally considered dangerous to humans, their painful bites have been known to cause nausea and heart palpitations.

The spiders generally survive on a diet of cockroaches and crickets, but they're not above killing the occasional rodent. 

An article by IFL Science noted that Australians have much more dangerous spiders to worry about than the huntsman.



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