Generation Lost: Kids Watch Man Die & Laugh About It



Bill Nye says we must die!  Bill Nye says we must die!  And it’s all for the advancement of climate alarmism.  He says the older generations will have to die off before the lie being perpetrated on society by the profiteers of weather will take hold in future generations.  Bill Nye is an idiot.  You have to love Texas.  A school district there has the right idea on fixing problems in our schools.  They are bringing back paddling (which is NOT illegal in Florida).  At Youngstown State a professor is driving a petition to oust Chick-fil-A.  The university, however, has a remarkably refreshing (and uncommon) response.  OJ is getting out in October.  Was it a good call?  Vote our web poll to the right of this post to have your opinion logged.  The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has a great program for inmates and shelter dogs- Paws and Stripes.  My daughter-in-law is one of the Corrections Deputies working in the program.  No, I have not mustered the courage to start calling her Deputy Dog…the girl carries a gun! 

Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi joins us at 8am as we look at the history and future of space flight and the sad story of kids taking joy watching a man drown in Cocoa.

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