Mothers, Shoppers, Students & Politicians



Our vision of mom is that of a caring, nurturing soul who would fight to death in defense of her children. It works unless you’re a liberal activist who sees her sons as potential rapists!  Walmart wants to look at you & the world of the movie Minority Report is ever closer.  I was amazed UCF got into a battle between a student and his non-student girlfriend.  The school finally wised up.  If your town wants to hold a “Stop Shooting” ‘weekend, you might be Baltimore.  While you will find words of wisdom in Florida Today’s editorial pages (especially Sunday mornings- top right), the letters to the editor offer a mixed bag.  Palm Bay politics has drawn an opponent for Tres Holton.  Both have lessons to learn.  Cocoa Beach has made a call on amusements at the pier.  They have gone almost tourist friendly!  Brevard’s budget proposal is ready and you can view it through the story linked up below.

A mother’s “love” & her son’s reaction

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid

UCF decides to get out of non-school issue

If your town has a “stop shooting” weekend…

Hits and Misses- Florida Today letters

Holton draws an opponent

Cocoa Beach goes almost tourist friendly

Brevard Budget proposal ready

Republican frontrunner all in on Campus Carry

Torres: Cold Case Files- Brevard!

Musk on 1st returning to manned space flight

Bob Gabordi: Space history inspires

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