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I was at Kerry Martin’s memorial service yesterday.  Good ole Kerry, even in death he is sharing of himself and teaching us all a lesson!  We’ll miss you, buddy!

I was asking yesterday for the LGBT community to tell me they know they have crazies among them that are not representative of their group.  Today the plea is even stronger…PLEASE tell me this is not representative of your stance- misgendered pets!  There is an update on the young dad who tattooed his face in prison and then couldn’t get a job.  Teen Vogue is under fire for an article, directed at kids, on sodomy.  They are defending their choice.  Kids just a little older are asking for trigger warnings in college.  There’s a real disconnect for you.  In Palm Bay Tres Holton has drawn an opponent for the council seat he holds.  In the governor’s race, the front running Republican is out in favor of campus carry.  Rush Limbaugh is right on DC vs Donald Trump while Senate Republicans are proving inept.  Watch us hand the Democrats control of the Senate next year! 

Oh, and it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, what’s on your mind?  Today is the day!

And I thought yesterday was bad…misgendered pets?

Update: Tattoo face gets a job

Teen Vogue promoting sodomy to teens- defends stance

College kids want trigger warnings (but younger they handle the above?)

Holton draws an opponent

Republican frontrunner all in on Campus Carry

Rush nails it on DC vs Trump

Republicans proving to be inept in Senate

Torres: Cold Case Files- Brevard!

Butchering language- and a kid’s psyche

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