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State Attorney Phil Archer will be with us at 8am today as we discuss the Needelman/Blueware case, the McDermott case, the prosecutor’s stand on stand your ground and why he fought the changes in the law this session, Murder on the Space Coast and the ripping off of taxpayers in Palm Shores. 

We’ll begin our day with a ridiculous code enforcement action in Dallas where honoring slain police officers is apparently a no-no.  Dr. Who is breaking new ground and it’s apparently not enough!  When it comes to Palm Shores one letter writer has me wondering what in the world he could be thinking.  The Sheriff and at least one commissioner have settled their budget woes.  And what do you know?  Sticking to your guns in Washington, DC can actually work when it is tried!

Code enforcement should know when to say when

Dr, Who breaks new ground- apparently not enough!

Maybe we need Dr. What the Heck Are You Thinking?

Tobia, Sheriff resolve BCSO budget

Look!  Sticking to your guns in DC works!

In case you missed ‘em- the published MICKnuggets

Torres: Cold Case Files- Brevard!

Butchering language- and a kid’s psyche

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