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Morning With The Muppets - 2016 Vulture Festival


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Apparently it isn’t only cops that are thrilled with donuts!  Ask about any Krispy Kreme across the country!  Atlanta has gone all out for the gay community.  Ft. Lauderdale is going too far on the tranny ticket issue!  My hometown is making a comeback!  The County Commission has reached an agreement on the corruption scandal involving the Palm Shores mayor.  Some folks aren’t happy and they shouldn’t be!  Speak Out is living up to their name, but it would help them if they started with facts.  The county has a problem with its golf game…having it is the problem!  Paul Ryan is right on DC, congressmen and guns.  Let’s see how far a Monday can take us!

What we’ll do for donut!

The Rainbow Connection

Going too far- Ft. Lauderdale PD may retrain all on Tranny ticket

The hometown comeback

Commission approves Palm Shores $102, 902 CRA repayment

Tobia/Fine say mayor should repay Palm Shores misappropriated funds

Speak Out needs to speak facts

County has a problem with its golf game

Ryan right on gun proposal

In case you missed ‘em- the published MICKnuggets

Torres: Cold Case Files- Brevard!

Butchering language- and a kid’s psyche

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