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Earlier this week Florida Today’s Dave Berman quoted someone from the Speak Out Brevard group in a news story.  I questioned who they were and the membership numbers they claim.  They were not happy that I, and many others, don’t buy the now over 3300 “members” claimed by the group.  Membership can be a lot of things, but when you claim such numbers when it comes to political activism, the proof is in the pudding.  They are turning out some folks to events and are welcome to the debate.  The first series of email I received from SOB was reasonable and informative.  The second series, well, it was not so much so.  We’ll share that with you, and my response, as we begin our day.

A man in New Zealand wonders why he can’t find a job when he has a tattoo covering the lower half of his face.  Would you hire him to represent you?  A clearly not conservative columnist has a problem with the gender neutral idea, especially when it comes to language! 

Renters in the old South Housing area of Patrick Air Force Base, an area where I lived during the 2004 hurricanes, are facing eviction.  To me, the new owners are handling the evictions quite reasonably, but some residents are fighting back. 

Speaking of hurricanes, Brevard County is blaming Hurricane Matthew for a proposed trash fee increase.  Waste Management is distancing itself from the increase, as it is designed to replenish the county’s solid waste reserve fund.  But, wait- weren’t the delays in the clean up because FEMA was going to pay for the remove of storm waste?

Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi joins us at 8 and we talk a couple of my favorite topics- baseball and politics…and never the twain shall meet?  Sadly, Bob, that ain’t happening as the Tampa Bay Rays are playing at it and history.

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