United Third Bridge Becomes Terrorist Group

Florida governor, attorney general fire back response in lawsuit brought by state prosecutor


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I saw a story yesterday about football advertising revenue heading downward.  Today it’s a story about baseball’s All Star Game being a weak ratings performer.  I can fix that, but they won’t like it. 

A Palm Bay burglar picked the wrong house.  Surprise, you’re on Candid Camera!   A feminist has been attacked by her own for simply recognizing biological facts.  Orange/Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala apparently can’t even manage her own image-thus the PR firm the taxpayers are laying out big money to have around.  United Third Reich is becoming a terrorist organization.  Sam Lopez can’t take a win.  He has to take John Tobia’s political actions to Tobia’s personal employment.  That is just plain wrong!

While you may believe your local government is relatively conservative, combine them and they lose their minds.  The Space Coast League of Cities is an embarrassment.  Urge your city to pull out now!  Kid Rock has decided to run for the US Senate.  What do you think about that?  Me?  It bothers me, so much so that as I began this daily blog post about it, it turned into next week’s INSIDER column.  And, Brevard’s new County manager is all but approved.  The Commission is waiting until they have a full board for a unanimous approval vote.  That will happen July 25th.  Brevard’s School Board is considering student safety in the wake of another fired employee, this time a teacher, who had inappropriate conduct with students. 

Burglar picks the wrong house

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Feminist attacked for stating facts

Ayala only managing her image

United Third Reich to Terrorize Tobia

Space Coast League of Cities an embarrassment

Kid Rock to run for US Senate- celebrity candidates?

Abbate promotion to County Manager a formality

School Board considers perv notification policy, ramifications

Blackburn’s contract and raise approved, mission set

Gabordi: baseball and politics

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