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Clint Eastwood has a new hero movie in the works.  He’s casting the real heroes to play themselves. People who don‘t know baseball (like some announcers) really show their ignorance when they spout off about the game.  Joe Scarborough has finally realized what we already knew- he’s no republican.  Political Correctness has now created danger as San Francisco’s BART trains are not reporting the truth about crime on the commuter rail for fear it would stereotype.  As expected, John Tobia’s resolution to urge the US to disallow Puerto Rico’s desire for statehood was met with cries from far and wide…and a bit of idiocy from United Third Reich!  The School Board has approved the superintendent’s pay hike and contract extension and set the agenda for moving forward.

But, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…so, what’s on YOUR mind?

Clint Eastwood hires heroes to play themselves

If you don’t’ know baseball, don’t tweet!

Scarborough finally gets what we all knew

PC stopping San Francisco area trains from detailing crimes

Tobia’s resolution met with anger, threatened stupidity

Blackburn’s contract and raise approved, mission set

Republicans in the Senate should like this

500 VA employees, 200 suspended

Which government is best to govern?

A Liberal’s worst nightmare

Fighting terror- Czechs get it

Gabordi: baseball and politics

Last week’s MICKnuggets

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