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G7 Leaders Meet In Sicily



It’s got to be one of the best images I have seen in a long time.  There was President Trump boarding Marine 1.  Before he did so, he noticed one Marine’s cap had blown off and was nearby on the ground. This President stopped, picked up the Marine’s cap and placed it squarely on the Marine’s head.  When the cap blew off again, the president again retrieved it and it was again returned to the Marine.  It generated an interesting comparison on Facebook.  The media got it all wrong on the President and Vladimir Putin.  How IS that plate of crow?  Can there be any doubt they have an anti-Trump agenda? 

We have heroes in our midst in the 920th Rescue Wing and they demonstrated it over the weekend. Justice John Roberts is trying to keep his newest court member in line- good luck with that!  Republicans in the Senate should be embracing Rand Paul’s idea on their Obamacare replacement.  The president has started cleaning house at the VA and it’s about time.  These stories and more are grabbing our attention as we begin this week together. 

The President and the Marine

Media guesses wrong on Trump G20 visit

Heroes among us

Chief Justice John Roberts after Gorsuch?

Republicans in the Senate should like this

500 VA employees, 200 suspended

Miami judge strops Stand Your Ground changes

Which government is best to govern?

Picking Juries- time for change

Sanctuary Cities and crime

A Liberal’s worst nightmare

Fighting terror- Czechs get it

Last week’s MICKnuggets

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